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Technology challenges traditional advertising, says Talkwalker

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With trust in traditional advertising continuing on a downward trend, brands and organizations need even more today to invest in technology, according to leading social listening and analytics firm Talkwalker.

In its recently released Social Media Trends 2020, a collection of more than 50 global industry experts’ social media predictions co-authored by HubSpot, Talkwalker, notes how across the globe, traditional advertising faces a tough challenge as generation Z and millennials dominate the market scene, giving rise to the age of digital consumerism characterized by technology-driven consumer behavior and skepticism about advertisements and endorsements. Talkwalker notes that 84 percent of millennials express their distrust in traditional advertising. The same report shows conversational data around advertising has dropped significantly in net sentiment in the past 13 months.

“Generation Z and millennials are now seen as high-value targets by brands because of their significant spending power. To get their buy in, marketers in the Philippines, for instance, have been resorting to conveying personalized message and brand purpose. Experts across the globe note, moreover, the need to equally place high value on how and where brands convey these messages,” said Ben Soubies, head of Sales for Asia Pacific at Talkwalker.

More than the message, Soubies underscored the vital role that new and disruptive technologies play in engaging the current generations of consumers. Being first-born digital natives, Gen Zs and millennials place a premium on consumer experience. Gen Zs, in particular, were born with everything at their fingertips. With  digital connectivity and the emergence of social commerce very accessible, these digital natives expect seamless consumer journey across touchpoints. The global experts tapped by Talkwalker all agree that brands should leverage technology to put their message across and reach out to their target markets.

Using data from more than 50 global experts, PR professionals, social media gurus and influencers, the Social Media Trends 2020 outlines what brands need to know to upscale their marketing potential in 2020. “This e-Book contains predictions by global experts, including industry thought leaders from the Philippines.

It also covers other relevant areas such as influencer marketing going small to big, harnessing the power of data privacy and how Tiktok would be vital to marketing strategies, among others,” said Soubies.

The Social Media Trends 2020 e-book can be downloaded for free at


About Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a social listening and analytics company that empowers over 2,000 brands and agencies to optimize the impact of their communication efforts. We provide companies with an easy-to-use platform to protect, measure, and promote their brands worldwide, across all communication channels.

Talkwalker’s state-of-the-art social media analytics platform uses AI-powered technology to monitor and analyze online conversations in real-time across social networks, news websites, blogs and forums in 187 languages. Talkwalker has offices in New York, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Paris, and Singapore. It is also the home of Talkwalker Alerts, a free alerting service used by over 500,000 communications and marketing professionals worldwide.

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