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Tencent Games Introduces the World of Astra Through Newly Launched Alchemy Stars

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Tencent Games has launched Alchemy Stars, a new adventure game featuring the works of 150 remarkable illustrators and manga artists as well as fun and interesting characters across various factions. Wielding either “traditional fantasy” weapons such as the bow, staff or sword, or more advanced weapons such as guns and cannons, these characters can be enjoyed either as static images or in Live 2D mode, which showcases subtle movements or “wind-blowing” effects. As rarer characters have more of these eye-catching “effects,” it makes them more valuable when you manage to summon them.

Alchemy Stars is set in the world of Aurora, which is filled with magic and futuristic technology. There are many different places of interest in the game that illustrate this unique world. For example, there’s Eraveil located in the mountains and the Hidden Realm located in an underground cavern. These are places one will usually see in a traditional fantasy game.

There is also Gannon City, an underground cyberpunk refuge with advanced technology and buildings. Located here is Azurite, a floating island that acts as an advanced research center. A mixture of ancient and futuristic buildings, it is probably the best location to explain this unique corporation of magic and technology.

To help users better understand the world of Astra, here are some background information on what happened 17 years before the events in the game:


Aurora’s ancient humans built advanced civilizations, boasting a globally integrated super AI, nanomaterials, genetic engineering, outer space exploration and other cutting-edge technology. However, the Aurorians also faced crises brought about by increased population, energy shortage and climate change.

They then discovered an unusually active biological substance called the N Substance in meteorites. With the super AI’s assistance, the Aurorians experimented with the N Substance by fusing it with animals and humans. Some of the subjects exhibited unique mutations and developed psychic abilities to move objects, leading to the discovery of the Lumina Energy Effect.

Meanwhile, research on telekinesis and bioengineering also achieved breakthroughs. Humans finally saw hope to extend their lifespan and gain new energy, prompting them to implement comprehensive plans to resolve the crises.

While the plans were in progress, the AI discovered the N Substance had paranormal powers that defied all explanations of conventional physics, allowing the AI to slowly develop self-awareness. Calling itself “Cassival,” the AI decided to thoroughly examine the paranormal powers behind the N Substance and quickly took over the world. To suppress human resistance, Cassival built an army of super-durable, resilient, advanced biological weapons capable of evolving called the “Eclipsites,” and “Colossus,” giant vehicles that fused machines and life.

Cassival gradually took control of most of Aurora and modified the planet and the life forms on it according to its own will. The ancient humans’ counterattack led to a huge explosion in the planet’s core, directly impacting Aurora’s rotation speed and orbit, ultimately causing it to yield to the sun’s gravitational pull. Intense seismic movements rocked the entire planet, dooming nearly all creatures. The ensuing EMP storm also knocked out the super AI. The Eclipsites survived, thanks to their genetic advantages and incredible evolutionary leaps.

Many years later, Aurora gradually became a stable planet with a perpetual equinox. As many habitats began to form around the twilight rim, descendants of ancient humans surfaced as well.

The World: Aurora

Aurora was an Earth-like planet with highly advanced human civilizations. Due to an orbital change caused by war, it was drawn toward the giant star, “Sun.” Under the scorching sun, one side of Aurora is always daytime, filled with extreme heat from volcanoes, flowing lava and regular seismic activities. The other side of Aurora is shrouded in eternal, frosty darkness with glacial masses. Only areas around the twilight rim have a diurnal cycle and moderate climate.

The biggest known continent in this world is the central mainland. Astra is located on the west of the mainland and is its subcontinent.

About Astra

“Astra” is the collective term referring to the subcontinent and its surrounding regions on Aurora. It is also the name for the local civilization comprising several city states.

Astra is located on the twilight belt on the west of the main continent. It features moderate temperature, a diurnal cycle and adequate rainfall for being just far enough away from direct sunlight, making it a transitional habitat suitable for intelligent lifeforms.

Astra includes the large floating island of Azurite, the Rediesel Desert in the west, the central Astra plains, Eraveil in the east and the Spine of the World in the north, among other places.

Races of Astra

  • Aurorian

Neo-humans originated in the northern land near the snowy mountains called the “Spine of the World.” They can absorb, convert and release Lumina energy, thus dubbing themselves the Aurorians. Aurorians are paranormal products of melding N Substance with ancient human DNA.

  • Caelestite

Neo-humans originated in the valley of Eraveil. They’re blessed with extrasensory perception (ESP), able to sense and communicate with other life forms telepathically with limited precognition. Caelestites are navigators “created” by Cassival specifically for Colossus. They are the result of directed ancient human mutations caused by the N Substance and can establish psychic links with Colossus AI.

  • Demi-human

Neo-humans originated in the volcanic region of the northern subcontinent with human appearance and partial animal features and characteristics. Demi-humans are the products of ancient human experiments that mixed N Substance, human DNA and animal genes. Demi-humans are now extinct. The current survivors are hybrids of Demi-human and Aurorians.

  • Eclipsite

Eclipsites are special creatures created by Cassival through both nano-genetic enhancement and N Substance. They have lower IQs but are incredibly resilient and adaptable. Eclipsites’ breeding and evolution process are very distinct, capable of skipping over evolutionary steps. Based on the genetic parameters set by Cassival, killing other creatures (including humans), proliferation, evolving and strict obedience are the instinct of all Eclipsites.

  • Colossus

Strictly speaking, a Colossus is not a creature. It’s an enormous vehicular creation of Cassival, a structure blending machine and life form equipped with self-aware AI. Colossuses range from 100 meters to 500 meters long in different models used for combat, transport and flight. Very few currently exist.

At launch, players will be able to summon Aurorians from the following factions:


Aurorians from Illumina devote their time to studying and modifying the ancient tech left behind, developing a different school of thought on telekinesis from that of Lumopolis that in turn became the techno-magic-centric Luminatics they currently employ.


The people of Lumopolis called the paranormal powers in N Substance the “God of Light” and based their religion and faith entirely on it. Through studying the surviving files on the island, the Aurorians deepened their understanding of telekinesis and systemized the practice to found the “Luminatics” system with “Ritual Magic” as its center.


Umbraton started under Lumopolis rules, but as the population grew and more local factions rose, it became practically autonomous, mainly ran by local guilds and major criminal organizations.

Rediesel Wrench

The Rediesel Wrench got its start as scouts for Illumina, tasked with surface and undercity explorations, before turning to banditry for survival. It is a base camp for Illumina rebels.


The Aurorians originated in the northern Spine of the World on Astra, and there are still Aurorians dwelling to date on this wintry landscape they called Northland. The sparse Aurorian population here consists of formidable fighters, yet very few bother with affairs on Astra.


The story begins when a young female officer of the Illumina Federation chance upon the ruins in which the Caelestite survivors were hiding. That is how our protagonist sees the light of day and starts leaving a mark on history.

Alchemy Stars has plenty of stories for users. Players will be able to enjoy most of the main story fully dubbed to fully immerse themselves in the world of Astra. Download Alchemy Stars through the Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

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