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The Art of Travel Planning Made Easier with Airbnb Wishlists

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Inspired by the major shift in how people travel, Airbnb introduced more than 100 upgrades earlier this year to give guests even more flexibility when planning for future getaways.

Among these updates are curated Wishlists, an inspirational collection of Stays and Experiences created by Airbnb to help inspire guests plan their next holidays. Airbnb has also rolled out Wishlist sharing, a new feature allowing guests to share their favorite Airbnb Wishlists with friends, family and even followers on social media.

For those new to the platform, Airbnb Wishlists is a helpful tool in travel planning and shortlisting from the millions of amazing vacation rentals available. It enables guests to keep track of their favorite Stays in one place and curate multiple Wishlists by geography, theme, price point, favorite features, etc.

To create a Wishlist, simply 1. Save your selected Stay by clicking on the heart icon 2. Select Create a new Wishlist 3. Name your Wishlist and 4. You now have a new Wishlist!

We know traveling in big groups could be difficult, having to accommodate multiple preferences and perspectives. With Airbnb’s new Wishlist sharing feature, planning for future vacations gets much easier. Now, everyone can be invited to join one single Wishlist via several options including email or SMS, where they can browse through all shortlisted Stays, add their own suggestions and decide which of the group’s favorite Airbnb Stays to book.

Share your Wishlist easily by sending the link to your travel buddies. You can view your Wishlists through the
“Wishlist” tab.

To help inspire your very own Wishlist, here are three of the most wishlisted Airbnb Stays* in the Philippines — from a private island in Palawan to a Japanese-style cabin in Batangas.

Private island in El Nido, Palawan

Surrounded by an expanded white sand beach, natural volcanic rock formations, and lush jungle and bamboo forests, Brother Island is a stunning destination located in the eastern seaboard of El Nido. Guests will surely enjoy their exclusive retreat in this private slice of paradise!

Minimalist farmhouse in Tagaytay

Amberfield’s Farmhouse boasts chic and minimalist interiors that look like they’re straight out of your vision board. With white-washed walls, wood accents courtesy of the furniture and fixtures pops of pastel-colored pillows and sheets, and high ceilings lending a touch of spaciousness, this lovely cabin is the place to cozy up in on chilly Tagaytay days.

Japanese-style cabin in Batangas

Cabin Nendo is a cozy two-bedroom cabin enfolded by nature, making it the perfect weekend home for some much-deserved R&R. Be sure to indulge in a sunbathing session by the crystal blue private pool, located just outside the living room!

For more inspiration, visit Airbnb’s curated wish list of Stays and Experiences at, and create your own wish list today.

* Based on internal Airbnb data, as of June 2021.

Note: All stays referenced are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse specific stay or experience listings on the Airbnb platform.

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