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The Perfect Audio Companion that Keeps Up with Busy Moms: Soundcore’s Liberty 3 Pro

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Riddle me this: Who has the same 24 hours as everyone, possibly has greater responsibilities than a superhero but somehow manages to get things done, sometimes multiple things at once?

You guessed right: Mothers!

Superheroes may be all the rage these days, but let’s face it, looking after the home, pursuing a career and conceiving and taking care of children, all while doing the job of a daughter, sister, friend and confidante require more than superpowers. For this high-demand job, they need a partner than can keep up.

Keeping up with her busy schedule

Moms need an audio partner that’s just as hard-working and reliable.

Moms are masters of multitasking. Juggling career and home, helping kids with their schoolwork, looking after their husband, attending meetings for work and school, cooking and doing other chores, managing social obligations … they can accomplish anything they set their heart to.

Help them focus and finish their to-do list for the day with an audio partner that is as dependable. Soundcore’s Liberty 3 Pro delivers high-fidelity audio that makes for a rich listening experience without distracting the user from the task at hand. This means moms can enjoy their favorite playlist while finishing a deadline or attending to a chore.

The Liberty 3 Pro packs Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture 2.0 (ACAA 2.0), Soundcore’s latest coaxial driver technology, to deliver golden sound quality with high and low frequencies directly to the user’s ears without interference or distortion. The earbuds have six built-in microphones and an AI noise reduction algorithm that filters out background noise and enhances voice in real-time, enabling the user to hear and be heard clearly during calls. Online or virtual meetings, whether for work, school PTAs or catch up with friends, no longer need to be troublesome with the Liberty 3 Pro.

The Liberty 3 Pro keeps up with moms’ demanding schedules. A single charge delivers up to 8 hours of use, and this can be extended to 32 hours with the charging case.

Keeping up with her well-deserved me time

After a long day of videoconferences, household chores and everything else in between, mothers deserve a private and quiet time to relax, collect their thoughts and even recharge for the next day. Who wouldn’t want to turn off the noises of the world for a few minutes and hum along some tunes while drinking a warm cup of coffee or sipping wine? Or catch up with friends and families over a video call and share stories and laughter.

The Liberty 3 Pro has a detailed and ultra-wide immersive soundstage for strong and deep bass and treble increased by 460 percent, making it even more luscious for that detail-rich audio experience. The mids have also been enhanced by 150 percent, making human speech a lot clearer for those meeting and calls. The tailored active noise cancelling and enhanced HearID technology adapt to noise levels in the surroundings and analyze in-ear pressure to create a personalized noise cancelling profile.

The earbuds also feature a multi-mode transparency, with several choices of how much ambient noise to hear. The busy mom can choose to enhance human voices while reducing background noise, increase volume of human voices or go fully transparent.

For moms who enjoy podcasts, the Liberty 3 Pro ensures every sound effect, whisper and sigh that make up the story or essence of the audio show can be fully experienced. The Liberty 3 Pro supports LDAC mode, transferring three times more data and preserving details and sound quality when paired with a compatible device.

Keeping up with her style and need for comfort

For moms constantly on the go, an audio partner that does not die mid-call or fall off during a morning walk or night jog is a must. So is one that is comfortable to use and complements her style. Compromising style for comfort, or vice versa, just won’t do.

The earbuds are ergonomically shaped and have built-in ear pressure relief to combat wearing fatigue. There are multiple sizes of liquid silicone ear tips and ear wings to choose from for a strong seal and secure grip for when binge-watching favorite shows or having an impromptu dance-off with the whole fam.

The Liberty 3 Pro comes in four trendy colors — Midnight Black, Frost White, Fog Gray and Dusk Purple — to suit every mom’s mood or vibe. Even better, no more earbuds that do not match one’s OOTD!

These earbuds also come with an easy-to-use app that lets not-so-tech-savvy moms explore the wide selection of equalizer modes, activate 3D surround sound for immersive listening, customize touch controls and more.

Soundcore’s best-sounding earbuds ever, the Liberty 3 Pro is the result of Soundcore’s dedication to create a premium listening experience for its customers. Developed in collaboration with 20 Grammy-winning sound producers, the earbuds retail for Php8,995 and are available on Anker’s website and on Soundcore Global’s official Lazada store.

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