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The Power of Pro: Key Influencers Weigh in on vivo X80 Series

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Photos and videos drive content and are widely consumed across different platforms. Filipinos of all ages create such content, be it as a hobby, for work or just for fun. To create compelling material that resonates with viewers, having the right tools not only makes the job easier but enables one to achieve their goals.

vivo recently put the vivo X80 series to the test with the help of influencers Dave Graciadas and Kevin De la Cerna. In their latest posts, Dave and Kevin showed how the vivo X80 series enabled them to createimages comparable to those taken with a professional camera.

All-in-one device for professional photography

Dave Graciadas, who has been known to have an eye for good photography, has worked with various brands and celebrities for commercial shoots. He shares photography tips and tricks on TikTok.

In his recent trip to Palawan, Dave captured the serene beauty of the island using the vivo X80 camera. He utilized the vivo X80’s 12MP IMX663 portrait camera to make his subjects stand out from the lush background. To prevent grain in his photos, he used the 50MP IMX866 main camera, creating crisp images regardless of the distance. The vivo X80’s 12MP IMX663 wide-angle camera allowed Dave to capture the island’s full glory as it supported ultra-low distortion and 180-degree wide-angle shots.

Thanks to the vivo X80’s ZEISS Natural Color feature, Dave was able to capture the natural colors of Palawan and showcase its magnificent islands and clear beaches. The feature also enabled Dave to take photos that are not too bright nor having too much contrast, allowing him to achieve the most realistic output possible.

Dave shared, “The vivo X80’s camera is a beast. All the photos I captured were on point and are of excellent quality. I’d recommend this to all smartphone photography enthusiasts, especially those who still need to post-process their output. With the vivo X80, there won’t be any need to do that.”

Dave also noted how the vivo X80’s ZEISS Optics do not disappoint as it easily captures vivid photos even in dark conditions. The phone’s ZEISS Super Night Camera proved reliable for taking low-light photos inside the caves in Palawan. “With just a few taps and adjustments in the system-operated exposure, the vivo X80 brings out the scene’s real colors and achieve a perfect balance between brightness and shadows,” he added.

Play with graphics like a pro

Whether for photos or videos, knowing that a device’s graphics capabilities can meet his requirements is essential for Kevin De la Cerna, who is known for his craft as a graphic designer and video creator. He regularly posts about how to create content with studio-quality output, thus, he accepted the challenge to create an unofficial video commercial entirely shot with the vivo X80 Pro.

Kevin took advantage of the vivo X80 Pro’s ZEISS Cinematic Video and Gimbal Portrait Camera features to create videos comparable to those taken using professional equipment. The first and only camera smartphone with Gimbal Portrait feature, the vivo X80 Pro helped Kevin ensure stable video recording, which is a common challenge for smartphone users. He was also able to accurately reproduce the effects of ZEISS Anamorphic film lenses.

“As a video creator, I’ve tried a lot of professional-grade cameras. I was impressed with how the vivo X80 Pro was able to capture moments for video recording like professional equipment. I am really happy with the output of the commercial I made using the vivo X80 Pro,” shared Kevin.

Another advantage for videographers in using the vivo X80 Pro, noted Kevin, is its Active Centering OIS System. The vivo X80 Pro’s lenses automatically return to the center position, preventing laggy frame transitions and motion blur issues.

To further support the vivo X80 Pro’s camera capabilities, vivo embedded in this series an exclusive chip, the vivo V1+ Chip, designed to bring imaging and display to a whole new level of cinematography. The vivo V1+ Chip is able to shoot HDR videos and enhance night video denoising. It boosts the performance of the vivo X80 Pro’s processor to guarantee images and videos similar to those DSLR cameras can deliver.

Explore the world of professional photography with the vivo X80 series. Produce studio-quality photos and create cinematic content with ease and comfort. Visit vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels to learn more about vivo’s latest flagship device.

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