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TÜV Rheinland launches training and certification program for rail safety assurance professional

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TÜV Rheinland Philippines recently held its first training and certification program for rail safety assurance. More than 30 participants, including engineers, R&D staff and management personnel, joined the 5-day training program.

As part of TÜV Rheinland’s Personnel Certification Scheme, a training and qualification program that enables individuals and enterprises to verify the competencies of their employees through a third-party certification body, the Rail Safety Assurance Professional (TÜV) Training and Personnel Certification Program aims to help participants understand and apply the principles of functional safety to the development and assessment of safety systems.

The program participants underwent 5 days of training and professional skills assessment. Once passed and successfully completed, Certificate of Completion valid for 3 years will be awarded together with an individual signet as proof of competency. Individuals interested to retain TÜV Rheinland Personnel Certification qualification can apply for recertification upon proving that their competence is up-to-date.

Chief Engineer Dr. Ning Sun and Assessor Dr. Sean L. X. Liang from the Rail Team of TŰV Rheinland Greater China facilitated the training. The program scope revolved around the general principles of functional safety to the development and assessment of safety systems based on the EN50126/8/9 and EN50159 standards. The specific topics included:

  • RAMS concepts, software life cycle and independent software assessment
  • systems assurance policy and program
  • systems assurance studies
  • software assurance, conditions for safety acceptance and approval
  • analysis methodologies of Software Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Determination and Allocation

Participants who completed the program would also be able to critically review the structure and content of the Safety Case to establish and demonstrate the degree of SIL achieved.

TÜV Rheinland Rail Academy will be rolled out in the Asia Pacific, with the Philippines being the pilot run.

“This training and personnel certification program will help ensure that we have skilled and competent people to build and maintain rail projects in accordance with international safety standards. With this training and personnel certification scheme, TÜV Rheinland Philippines extends its technical expertise and experience in the Build, Build, Build Program through its competent rail services,” said TÜV Rheinland Philippines Managing Director Tristan Arwen Loveres.

The program is open to safety assurance professionals and R&D staff working for manufacturers and service firms in the railway industry, railway operators, railway maintenance firms and railway industry associations. It likewise accepts college and university graduates with at least one year equivalent or related experience.

“The Rail Safety Assurance Professional (TÜV) Personnel Certification Scheme is a competency qualification program of TŰV Rheinland Academy. What we aim at TÜV Rheinland is to equip global and local professionals with technical skills to meet international safety standards they need to possess to properly execute their job and ensure the safety of the general public,” shared Loveres.

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