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Wanted: Senior Writer

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Senior Writer cartoon wanted adQuick. Apply with us now if you have at least three years of experience writing professionally. We are in the PR business so you will be dealing mostly with press releases. While PRs are a staple, the subjects you will cover are far and wide. Some of the topics you will deal with are smartphones, tablets, PCs, cars, apps and energy. You must have a feel for technology, an eye for detail and a nose for news. If you are a writer because you have an innate fear of people then pass this up. We will send you out there. Alone. Surrounded by humans. You will do your interviews in posh offices, in a swanky restaurant, inside a shanty, on a hillside or beside the sea. Deadlines are always lurking around. We need you to write crisp, clear and punchy stories. A background in journalism will save us both tears. Poets and novelists, we throw out the window. We are on the 24th floor. This is a full time job.

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