We have been helping clients since 1997 navigate the ever changing Philippine technology landscape. Some of our longest-retainers are from the technology industry. With buzzwords like AI, data intelligence,  cloud computing and IOT; our clients not only get a lot of attention but also definition for their target audience.

Consumer Electronics

Disruptions one after another have come to mark the local industry. This highly competitive and crowded sector takes no prisoners. So it’s vital for us to show the agility and ability to insert our clients brand into the fleeting moments of discussions.  We keep the story fluid, flowing from print to online. We engaged audiences where and when they want to be engaged.

Construction and Real Estate

A booming industry that isn’t showing signs of slowing down. But there are regulatory, compliance and reputational roadways that need to be intelligently navigated. Companies should be comfortable and confident in sharing their stories under the bright lights of media and public scrutiny.

Transportation & Energy

The stakes are high in the transpotation  and energy sector, industries which seem to be joined at the hip. But there are subtleties that can be explored to rise above the crowd. The stakeholders need to be engaged with different messages and activities. Media, employee, gov’t and community relations play key roles to keep a company successful. 


There are two kinds of companies in this industry – the quick and the dead. Knowing that trend winds can blow in the opposite direction any time, we go fast and wide with our engagements. Digital is on the ascendancy but traditional media still holds influence so we work with both.


The market is shifting. With the rise of millennials  and the growing number of young workers discernment and preferences are changing. Consumers are not afraid to try new things. They want instant gratification, quick services and the latest toys. Vendors are scrambling to find their identity to stand out from the crowd.  Our comms-driven is vital in a crowded market-place.


What is your story? Make your stakeholders understand your business, see the benefits, believe in your ideas and buy into your vision. There’s more to publicity than just pushing your product or service. Your image or reputation maybe worth more to your business than you know.

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