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OMODA Philippines Launches Futuristic Crossovers, O-Universe at First-Ever Fashion Night

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Global automotive brand OMODA & JAECOO enters the Philippine market with two of the most futuristic and fashionable crossovers to hit Philippine roads — OMODA 5 and OMODA 5 EV.

Following its successful showcase at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) in April this year, OMODA & JAECOO set the foundation for an even more aggressive effort  in the market with the recently concluded OMODA: Media and Influencer Fashion Night 2024 held at Revel at the Palace in BGC. The media and influencer night served as the global car brand’s springboard to establishing its presence in the market and introduce its OMODA brand ecosystem to young Filipino pioneers.

“In addition to establishing our presence in the market, our initial showcases in the Philippines are a testament to OMODA & JAECOO’s commitment to construct a comprehensive brand-product-service ecosystem to meet the automotive needs of Filipino consumers,” said Marco Chen, country director of OMODA & JAECOO Motor Philippines Inc.

OMODA: The futuristic and most fashionable car to have hit Philippine roads

As a global car brand, OMODA has made its presence known in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide, boasting a robust sales system and service networks in Europe, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. Designed by its pool of  creative talents and custom model enthusiasts from around the world, OMODA is widely known for its fusion of fashion and advanced technology.

Built for the stylish and innovative young Filipino pioneers, OMODA is projected to be the latest futuristic and most fashionable crossover brand to hit Philippine roads. OMODA has two models designed for Filipinos: the intelligent all-electric OMODA 5 EV and the stylish and futuristic crossover OMODA 5.

The Omoda 5 EV, known as “The E-Future Ranger,” offers advanced technology and numerous features. It has a battery capacity of 61kWh and 430km WLTP or 505km NEDC range. The vehicle supports DC fast charging, going from 30 percent to 80 percent in just 28 minutes. As an electric vehicle, it is perfect for those seeking both efficiency and innovation.

The Omoda 5 is a stylish vehicle built for the young pioneers, embodying advanced design, futuristic  technology, and a new crossover ecosystem. It sets new industry standards with its innovative features and forward-thinking approach, including a built-in voice command technology.

Media and Influencer Fashion Night 2024: Rise of the O-Universe and first Pinoy OMODERS

Themed “Explore O-Universe,” OMODA’s first-ever media and influencer fashion night serves as the launch of the brand’s global consumer ecosystem in the Philippines known as the O-Universe.

A community where innovation and fashion converge, the O-Universe is a space where innovators boldly embark on a journey that defies conventional limits, exploring boundless possibilities and discovering new dimensions of self-expression. The O-Universe is a community of trailblazers known as the OMODERS, who constantly seek new ways to fuse fashion with advanced technology. They are united by incredible energy and a shared desire to create new ideas. OMODERS also epitomize city life: futuristic, stylish and technologically advanced, thriving on the fusion of innovation and fashion.

The Media and Influencer Fashion Night 2024 was attended by celebrities, social media personalities and the press. Spotted at the event were Filipina actress Arci Muñoz, actor and international model Gil Cuerva, actor Eli Padilla, and fashion model and endorser Roxie Smith.

From a street dance battle TikTok edition and runway challenge to the different photo booths and car displays, the opening salvo of the O-Universe in the Philippines was nothing short of an immersive exhibit of the culture of the O-Universe.

“We are thrilled to bring to the Philippines not only the OMODA cars that are bound to address the automotive needs of Filipinos but also the culture and philosophy that serve as the foundation of the OMODA brand. More than a showcase of our stylish and futuristic cars, the OMODA: Media and Influencer Fashion Night 2024 is the genesis of the O-Universe in the Philippines, with our guests representing the OMODERS. The event is a celebration of the arrival of the O-Universe in the country and the emergence of the first Filipino OMODERS,” said Chen.

The OMODA 5 is priced at less than PHP1.5 million and will be available in three variants soon while the OMODA 5 EV is priced under PHP1.9 million. OMODA will soon have a showroom at Taguig, West Visayas, Iloilo, Central Luzon Pampanga, Clark. Interested buyers can stay tuned as details for a test drive will be announced soon.

Know more about OMODA & JAECOO by visiting its official website at or its official Facebook OMODA Philippines, Instagram @omoda.philippines and @omodaph on TikTok.

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