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Surviving Valentine’s Day While Single

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The inevitable has arrived. Everywhere you look, there’s a girl carrying a bouquet of flowers, a guy holding a stuffed animal or couples HHWW obviously out on a special date. Your social media feed is full of Valentine gimmicks and date ideas. Your neighbor is suddenly blasting love songs and unabashedly singing along with all his or her might.

If you’re single and somehow cannot escape V Day, here’s what you can do:

  • Buy yourself flowers (I know you sang that song *wink* *wink*). Thank you, Miley Cyrus, for this national anthem.
  • Drown yourself in work and email correspondence. Follow up about the email you sent a few minutes ago and cc every co-worker you want to annoy. If you’re not happy, no one else can be happy.
  • Bombard the GC with sarcastic Valentine’s Day memes that will surely leave everyone uncomfortable, confused or worried about your sanity. Make them feel your rage but through memes.
  • Deny it all: As far as you’re concerned, there’s no February 14 this year. If anyone so much as mention chocolates and flowers, walk away.
  • Steal your officemate’s or roommate’s chocolates and pretend it wasn’t you who ate them. It could be anyone. And if they argue that no one else was in the house or office but you, blame the dog or another co-worker.

But on a more serious note, don’t let singledom ruin this special day for you. Loving oneself is, after all, the greatest love of all. We’re sure Whitney Houston would agree (For the Gen Zs out there, the lyrics goes “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”)

For a meaningful and memorable love day, try these:

  • Date yourself. Cook a nice dinner and pair it with a good wine, kombucha or whatever goes well with your meal. If you’re not much of a cook, dress up and go to a nice restaurant and focus not on the couples, but yourself.
  • Have a singles appreciation day with your friends. Crying and cursing the universe not recommended but feel free to indulge yourselves. Just make sure not to take too many pictures so you won’t be haunted by your actions.
  • Develop a different perspective. No, you’re not undatable. You choose to be single to focus on your career and growth (and your pets). And remember that you can still have a full and complete life sans a significant other.
  • Show your love and appreciation to your family who constantly and unequivocally loves you, love day or not.
  • Buy yourself more flowers. Add some chocolates while you’re at it.

We hope you know that being single doesn’t mean that you are less lovable. As you navigate this day, always remember that you are enough, you are complete and you are loved.

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